Chrissy Smith Designs

Hello All,

My name is Christina Smith (AKA Chrissy) and I became interested in Graphic Design aproximately 15 years ago. My husband and I owned a Landscape Business and we did alot of our own advertising, so basically the need arose to learn how to rework his logo as needed and handle all advertising and marketing materials. That is when I realized I had a tremendous interest in Graphic Design. I started by working in Photoshop and Illustrator and scouring the web for any lessons I could find. You tube was my best friend for a while. I was basically self taught, but never grew tired of learning more.

Over the years I have designed logos ,websites and advertising meterials for friends and family who were also self employed and in need of a designer. Last year I decided to make it official and enrolled in Devry Universitys Graphic and web Design Program. It was the best decision I eever made. I have leared so much and build on my modest foundation and knowledge. I'm am looking forward to Graduating soon and becoming a Freelance Designer. I envite you to peruse my gallery to view my favorite work. I look forward to working with all my potential future clients.

Thank you for stopping by!